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photographs taken from the restaurants themselves. Here you will find just a few examples of restaurants in the region, which we are expanding little by little.


VORA ESTANY Restaurant   Banyoles

Right next to the lake, in an unbeatable setting, you will find Vora Estany. Quality food, good presentation, good treatment, nice place, recommendable. In the summer you will find grilled meat with the famous meter sausage, at night and on the restaurant's terrace.


CAN PERICUS   Banyoles

A different restaurant, well known in Banyoles as a butcher, without losing this branch, Can Pericus also has its restaurant located in the Olympic Village of Banyoles, where you will enjoy eating, savoring, having a good evening and also its famous desserts. In addition to being able to order food to take away.

CaXa_0012_Capa-1 - copia (2).jpg


Cornellà del Terri

It is one of the most prestigious restaurants in the region. Located in the old cinema of Cornellà del Terri, its decoration is exquisite. The delicious food, with various menu options, tasting menu, ... It is well worth having the Can Xapes experience, the treatment, the quality of the food and preparation, 


CAN XABANET   Banyoles

Near the Banyoles lake, you will find this family restaurant. Restaurant with a family atmosphere with people from the region. Currently run by the two Collell brothers, the new generation who have given it a more modern touch, without leaving the food of a lifetime.



If what you want is to eat in Can Cirera or to eat while sightseeing in our regions, Cuinats La Farga may be the best place to buy takeaway food. With many years of experience, it is one of the best-known takeaway establishments in our region. Quality food, traditional, modern, many options to choose from. They have two collection points in Banyoles.




In one of the most authentic towns in the region, the Can Roca restaurant offers traditional food updated by the new family generation. The quality, the good presentation, the good flavors and the tranquility of the area, will give you the opportunity to enjoy the food and the environment. 

And many more... here are just a few examples, we are lucky to be a region with very good restaurants

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