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Serinyà is the town where the house is located. Very well located, 5 minutes drive from Banyoles, 5 from Besalú, 15 from Girona, 25 from Figueres and Olot, one hour from Barcelona, ...             

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Besalú, only 10 minutes drive from the house. Roman villa, with its bridge, old town, museums (sausage, circus, ...) restaurants, churches, ...



At 40 minutes, the Natural Park of the Volcanic Zone of La Garrotxa has  various walking routes  which pass through the most interesting places in the Natural Park. Most are signposted with park signage and often connect with those on the Itinerànnia trail network. Therefore, from the itineraries of the Natural Park you can access on foot to any other point of the Garrotxa, the Ripollès or the Alt Empordà through Itinerànnia.



25 minutes from Serinyà, the Bosc de Can Ginebreda is an open-air museum of erotic sculptures by Xicu Cabanyes, a local and internationally known sculptor, where his genius has made this itinerary beautiful and at the same time curious. A forest of the City Council of Porqueres and that the artist himself, if you are lucky enough to find him, may be able to have him as a guide, and if not worth it equally.

Tossa de Mar


At Can Cirera we are lucky to be close to everything. We have the option to go to different beaches such as Roses (35 minutes), L'Escala (35 minutes), Cadaqués (50 minutes), ... You can also swim in the lake of Banyoles (5 minutes) in any of the three points enabled for swimming: Banyoles Swimming Club (paid), Banys Vells (paid) or La Caseta de fusta (free). All three with lifeguards during the bath.

You can also swim in the river, in the Pla de l'estany for example in Sant Miquel de Campmajor (25 minutes), in La Garrotxa in the Vall d'en Bac (40 minutes), ... La Costa brava with mountain, sea, cities, towns, ...



in Serinyà

In the same village of Can Cirera, just a five minute walk away, are the prehistoric caves of Serinyà.  

The Serinyà Prehistoric Caves Park is located in the Reclau area, a travertine slope along which the various shelters or caves extend. It is located five kilometers north of Banyoles, next to the C-66 road towards Besalú and Olot.

The Park was inaugurated on July 26, 1997. In addition to the caves, the Park includes a reception building with conference and audiovisual rooms. In this building there is a permanent exhibition that recreates the daily life of the great palelolithic hunters and includes reproductions of some of the remains found in the caves.



Banyoles is the capital of the region (Pla de l'estany), a 5-minute drive from Serinyà. With its pond, old town, museums, shopping center, ... The Plaza Mayor with its vaults of the s. XII, the Monastery, Darder and Archaeological Museums, canals that cross the center, ...



Girona is just 20 minutes away. The Debesa, the cathedral, the old Jewish quarter, its museums such as the cinema, the river Onyar with its colorful houses, its bridges, ...



30 minutes away, the capital of the Alt Empordà, essential to visit with the Dalí Museum, Toy Museum, St Ferran Castle, heritage routes, ... Definitely a great city very close where you can spend a day and visit its surroundings with the different beautiful villages.



We have the only circus museum in Europe in Besalú, just 10 minutes from Can Cirera. A luxury in our house, it is an ideal museum to go with friends, family, ... Very complete, the history of the circus with a giant model, costumes, circus elements of historical figures, with exteriors that give the same River. Essential and highly recommended.



30 minutes away, Olot is the capital of the Garrotxa region. It is a city especially known for its natural interest and for being surrounded by the Natural Park of the Volcanic Zone of La Garrotxa. Apart from its parks, old town, traditions, ... An essential area to visit and enjoy



40 minutes from Can Cirera, in the Alt Empordà region, we find Sant Llorenç de la Muga in the upper valley of the Muga, in an area also known as the mountain Empordà or the Garrotxa d'Empordà by the its mountainous terrain.

The town is located in a steep meander of the river La Muga, which crosses the municipality in a route of eleven kilometers, in which there are a variety of gorges that invite you to swim.

The house is close to many cities and towns, nature spots, paths, rivers, ponds, beaches, routes, ...
Here we put the most important ones, but we encourage you to discover more places, we can help you if you want when making proposals, which surely do not appear here, since if we put everything we would never finish. We are lucky to be in a town (Serinyà) very close to different counties, such as La Garrotxa, l'Empordà (high and low), Gironès, Ripollès, Osona, La Selva... Without leaving the same county of Plan de l'Estany, with many attractions to discover. There are countless places to go, if you like cities, towns, nature, mountains, ...

You can check the schedule of activities and proposals in the Pla de l'Estany region,click herei

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