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the house has 4 double bedrooms, two are double and two are single. Each room is about 15 m2 in size, with windows facing the outside and mosquito nets. The beds have sheets, blankets, and a thick towel per person ... With a wardrobe in each room and tables with lamps.  

More pictures of the rooms can be found in the photos section.

CanCirera-Serinya-HD (64).jpg

double bed 1

This room is located on the first floor. He has a big closet so he can leave his clothes. With two bedside tables and a lamp, a window with a mosquito net facing the outside. An armchair, two light locks and three plugs.

double bed 2

This one is downstairs. Located in the old block, restored respecting its original appearance, with three laying hens, a drinking trough, stone walls and an arched ceiling ... With two exterior windows with mosquito nets and one interior. Next to it is one of the toilets and the games room. The room has two bedside tables with two lamps, two light locks and two plugs or two armchairs.

CanCirera-Serinya-HD (32).jpg
CanCirera-Serinya-web (60).jpg

2 single beds  1

Located on the first floor, with an outdoor window with mosquito net, a wardrobe, a central bedside table with lamp. Located in the hallway leading to the bathroom upstairs. Two single beds, two plugs and two light locks.

2 single beds 2

On the first floor, in the hallway, right next to the bathroom. Two beds, a bedside table with a lamp, two plugs, two light locks, an outside window with a mosquito net, a wardrobe (all wardrobes have hangers). 

CanCirera-Serinya-web (62).jpg
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