From Can Cirera you can walk to Hípica Equinatur, a 10-minute walk away.

Horse riding, excursions, ...

From the youngest to the oldest, together with the whole family, friends, ...

Discover the environment on horseback and with an expert guide, all with the Equiny Equinatur de Serinyà.

If you want we can inform you without any commitment and we can also manage your reservation, just let us know when making the reservation.

In this section we show you photos of the Equestrian, and also the different options you have to do with who you are staying with, no matter how old you are.

Equestrian Equestrian is not linked to Can Cirera. We make a recommendation of this Equestrian for the quality of the service it offers and also for the proximity to Can Cirera. The good relationship of the Equestrian and Can Cirera makes it easier for our customers to book the services of the Equestrian itself, in order to make this management easier, you can also approach it and do the management directly, the price is the same.


for everyone

It is offered to ride a horse, from the beginning, teaching how to prepare it and get to know it well. With the instructions of an expert, the horse will be ridden, after some previous explanations.

Within the same facilities of the Equestrian, there will be walks to get acquainted with the horse. Then, if so agreed, there will be a walk around the area.



Hípica Equinatur offers different routes around the region, in order to know and enjoy the magnificent corners of the Pla de l'Estany.

One-hour routes up to 7 days or tailor-made routes.

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